History of Melview N.S.


The present school is a modern building originally built in the late sixties on the site of the old Melview,which has been in use since 1854.The new building had two classrooms and catered for about fifty pupils.As urban Longford extended outwards the enrolment numbers grew significantly and the prefabs which catered for additional pupils were eventually replaced by an extra three classrooms and a general purpose room. The staff and children never enjoyed the use of the G.P. room, as it had been intended, since it was immediately needed as a classroom and soon to be partitioned to provide two classrooms. When it became necessary to appoint a seventh assistant the only accommodation available was a makeshift classroom in what was a corridor in the original school.

Melview History Longford National School

There has been no significant fluctuation in the enrolment figures over the past ten years and this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. Plans for an extra classroom were drawn up by Liam Madden, architect, and submitted to the Department of Education. Despite much correspondence between the Department and the B.O.M. and many visits to Dept. officials and to the Minister of Education grant aid was refused.As a result, in March of 1996 the Board of Management decided to reconstruct an area of the existing building, which made available an extra classroom and solved the problem to the satisfaction of staff, parents and the Board of Management.

Although the school has a rural setting there has always been in attendance a fairly significant number of children from the immediate urban area of Longford. This tradition goes back generations in time. This gives the school an ethos which is both urban and rural. The parents of the children come from many walks of life. We, the staff, deeply appreciate the support of all the parents, which is always forthcoming.melview Longford National School

Our new extension was officially opened on¬†14th October 2022 by outgoing principal Mary O’Boyle. The new extension consists of two new classrooms and a wheelchair accessible toilet. We also now have a General Purpose room. This room was in fact used as a classroom in the¬†for¬†the¬†last few years. We now have 11 mainstream classrooms.

At present we have a Principal, eleven class teachers, four support teachers, one special needs assistants and a secretary on staff in Melview.


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