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This year, as a whole school, we decided we wanted to get as active as possible. There are numerous benefits of leading an active lifestyle and we wanted to become a school full of active learners both in and out of the classroom. We wanted to give the children in our school all the tools and knowledge they need to develop a life long engagement with physical activity and health and wellbeing.


We began the process by self-evaluating our current work in three areas:

  • Physical Education
  • Physical Activity
  • Community Partnerships

We had to identify our strengths and areas that we needed to work on and improve and begin the journey towards a more active school.Right now, we are selecting our committee with a boy and girl from each classroom acting as their class’ representatives. We are also working on our active school motto and posters to be put on display around the school.

The Active School Flag is a Department of Education initiative that is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community and aims to get more schools, more active, more often.

Active Flag Launch Week

This week we launched our Active Flag Application with the whole school getting out and active for a walk and talk after completing the first of many 10@10 sessions from Operation Transformation. We also had Brendan Doyle from Longford Sports Partnership in putting the children through their paces for indoor athletics with hurdles, standing jumps, triple jumps and a test to see how high you can jump. We are half way through the Gymnastics strand of our PE curriculum for the year and the handstands are coming along nicely and some great strength shown by the children too. We might have some strong contenders for Los Angeles in 2020 if they keep this up!


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Active School Flag Longford


We’ve had a really busy and active few weeks in Melview. Our Active School Notice Board is really filling up.
Our Suggestion Box has been filled with loads of wonderful ideas.

Active Flag Slogan Winner
melview Longford National School
We have picked our Active School Slogan thanks to Rachel Penrose in 5th class!
“Come on Melview, don’t sit and sag, be active, be fit and let’s go get that flag”
There were some wonderful entries and it was a very difficult choice.

melview Longford National School


Suggestion Box



We had the Transition Year students in from Moyne who did dancing and outdoor and adventure with the whole school so a big thank you to them and their teacher!


Our Wednesday running club has taken off and the benefits could be seen at the Longford Athletics Relay Race day where we took home 5 medals!! Huge congratulations to everyone who took part and did a great job representing the school and thanks to all the parents who came along to support too!

3rd Class Relay Team     5th Class Relay Team   6th Class Relay Team

Sunny_day“Come on Melview, don’t

sit and sag, be active, be fit and let’s go get that flag”





Melview girls basketball team were crowned Division 1 Primary Schools Basketball Champions for 2017 after a thrilling final victory which was just reward for all the training and hard work that the girls and their trainer Ms. O’Boyle had put in over the weeks leading up to the final.
Champions at Basketball

If you want to know more about the Active Flag process you can watch our slideshow




If you want to get involved or help us in our application don’t hesitate to contact us with any ideas you have. We have set up a special email account for that very purpose! melviewactiveflag@gmail.com

Here’s some tips and ways that parents can help their children to lead active lives at home to:

  • Take a walk before or after dinner.
  • Make commercial breaks into active breaks with jumping jacks or running on the spot during TV time.
  • Have active days on the weekend as often as you can by going for cycles or walks or encouraging your children to get involved with local clubs or initiatives.


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